Laura J. LaTourette, CFP ® (she/her)

Laura J. LaTourette, CFP ® (she/her)

Founder & LPL Registered Principal


The mission of Family Wealth Management group is to guide and empower people to live fully.

Simplify Your Life

Helping You Clarify Your Life Goals

Taking time to understand yourself in regards to how you relate to money is the first step. Clarifying your resources and goals helps to plan your financial success and security for your family. Our responsibility is to go beyond responsiveness to anticipation, and in doing so attain a deep understanding of:

  • What's important about money to you
  • How your wealth can serve your values

We are here to help you formulate and articulate your goals and thereby simplify your life in the process.

Get Strategies For Life

Today's world of financial planning is complex

Everyone has an opinion, and the availability of information enables many to call themselves expert. Concern is rising over the stability of government safety net programs and the impact of market activity on finances. It may be tempting to forgo financial planning in place of monitoring news outlets and reading daily stock market reports. However, every decision and movement of money can have a significant impact on your financial life. Take the guesswork out of your future and manage your assets by creating a custom, comprehensive financial plan with us today.

Lifetime financial plans come in all shapes and sizes

Whether you are a corporate executive seeking sophisticated planning services, or a newly retired teacher wondering if you’ll outlive your retirement fund, a comprehensive financial plan helps you make better decisions and execute solid strategies for retirement, investing and unpredictable life events. We are focused on your financial vision, not Wall Street's. We make  recommendations for products and services that match your unique financial needs and help design a sustainable income for life.

We can't predict the future, but we know how to plan for it

Confidence comes from knowing you have a plan in place no matter what happens with the economy. Our comprehensive, 6-step process to financial planning considers all the moving parts of your financial life and their potential impact on your most important goals. Our Members have an average of 20 years’ experience providing comprehensive financial planning and we are committed to helping you lay the foundation for your lifetime financial vision. 

We'll be with you every step of the way.

We want to take the mystery out of saving and investing your hard-earned money. By developing a customized and comprehensive financial plan, we believe your lifetime vision can be achieved.  We understand what you’re up against, and we are here to help you plan for it.