FWMG Celebrates World Compliment Day!

FWMG Celebrates World Compliment Day!

March 01, 2024

You’re awesome!  Thank you for being you, and being a positive part of our lives!


That is the message FWMG team is sending out today to all our clients on World Compliment Day.   World Compliment Day is a day to share positive thoughts to the world through verbal affirmations of appreciation.  Compliments spark creativity and spread positivity, making the world a more peaceful, fun place to be for all of us!  We hope you’ll participate!


So get to it!  Compliment 3 people today (We hope you include yourself as one of them).  Pay it forward when you are complimented.  Get creative with it! 


We all have gifts to give the world, and showing gratitude for the gifts the people around us give us creates a positive feedback loop that ripples out to the world.  Plus, you could make someone’s day!  Let us know how it goes!


Your FWMG Team

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash