Honoring Black Americans

Honoring Black Americans

February 20, 2024

How do you honor African Americans during Black History month?  How do you say thank you to such an integral, intimate part of what makes our country… well… our country.  You could point out individuals who have changed the course of our nation’s history with their inventions, songs, poetry, books, and other gifts they have shared.  You can acknowledge and show respect for the wisdom that person brought us, the grace they showed, and the sacrifices they made.


Thank you is a start.  It may be the only way to start.


Honoring specific individuals who have done extraordinary things is good, and an appropriate beginning.  Only recognizing the extraordinary omits everyday people though.  Life is made in the small, everyday moments lived by everyday people.  Peace is created in the little moments throughout the day, by us all.  Not just leaders.  To live in love is every human being’s right, and it is also everyone’s responsibility to protect and preserve that right for future generations.  Not just leaders.


Further, thank you seems a little hollow, and not enough sometimes.  Especially when there are social, political, and economic structures in place with the specific purpose of devaluing and oppressing people of color. 


So we at FWMG would like to hear what you think.  How do you honor and celebrate diversity?  How can everyday people work together to identify and dismantle systemic oppression?  We would love to hear your thoughts!


Your FWMG Team