ESG Impact Series: Global Investing for Positive Social and Sustainable Impact

Global Investing For Positive Social
And Sustainable Impact

When you’re researching a company to invest in, essentially voting for that company with your dollars, things like longevity/trust/reliability and ‘sustainability’ may be important factors to take into consideration.
  • Is a company mindful about its CO2 emissions, resource
    management, and waste?
  • Does this company value diversity and inclusion?
  • Is this company transparent about their supply chain?
  • What is the pay gap between the board and the front-line workers?

The answers obtained from questions such as these are what determine a company’s ESG score, and numerous studies have shown that integrating ESG screens into financial analysis can help mitigate risk and enhance returns.[1]  

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[1] Lefkovitz, Dan. “ESG Investing Performance Analyzed.” Morningstar Product Insider, March 12, 2019.