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Savvy investments for Women Guide

This workbook will provide some tips to manage your finances, guide you through some of the fundamentals of investing, and help you take the appropriate steps toward organizing your finances. Many women are more involved with their finances now, than compared to just a few short years ago. But, are you getting the most out of your investments or investing in line with your life stage? To take full advantage of the opportunities in the financial markets and help ensure that your money matters are sound today and tomorrow, it is important to take even greater control of your financial future. This guide will help you to take a more active role in your finances throughout the different phases of your life.  

Women, Money, and Power Study

Women of influence are more confident when it comes to saving, spending and investing money wisely.  They have more earning power, are active in major investment decisions, have a good understanding of financial products and are interested in learning about financial matters.  They became more involved since the 2008 financial crisis. Does this describe YOU?