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Socially Sustainable Investing

What Is “Socially Sustainable  Investing?”

The definition of socially responsible investing has evolved, and may be referred to by different names, such as “sustainable and responsible investing” or “values-based investing.”

Whatever term is used, the investment discipline is usually characterized by a set of principles that govern how investments are selected. 

Socially Conscious investing is for clients seeking to grow their portfolio by investing in socially responsible securities.

  • Are you concerned with the companies you’re investing in?
  • Are you uncomfortable investing in companies associated with activities that are considered unethical?

Some individuals believe that return on investment shouldn’t be the only criterion for how they invest their money. For them, the social impact of investing is just as important—perhaps, more important.

The return of socially responsible investing may be lower than if the adviser made decisions based solely on investment considerations. 


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For some, the social impact of investing is just as important as the return, perhaps more important.

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