We use the latest technology to support our personalized financial planning service, not to replace it. As a valued client, you will have access to your very own private client website, where you can see your bottom line at any time, in real time. In addition to viewing accounts under our management, you may also connect your bank and outside accounts such as employer 401(k)s – creating a real-time personal balance sheet so that you know where everything is, and what everything is worth.

To assist you with budgeting, the website also utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to help automatically categorize spending activity based on transaction history, to help you track your budget and more effectively manage cash flow.

There is also a digital vault where all your important documents may be stored and accessed from anywhere. Examples include documents that would need to be located and analyzed by family members in the event of an emergency or premature death. Click the attachment below, Digital Vault, for a listing of important documents that may be stored in the system.

Security is a top priority for us, and your personal website is equipped with advanced encryption technology to help protect the integrity of your information. Additionally, the site is read-only, which makes it impossible for money to be moved in or out of the system. To learn more about the ways we protect your data, click the attachment below titled "Security".

If you are an existing client, click here to access your private client website.